RMC Robotic Mass Comparator


RMC robotic mass comparators ensure repeatability of mass standards calibration within the range of 1 mg to 1 kg and readability of 0.1 µg.

Full automation of calibration process is ensured by dedicated software facilitating preparation of calibration plan and magazine loading. The software also provides clear record of measurement results and ambient condition indications.

RMC robotic mass comparators are equipped with two magazines, 100-position one and additional

2-position magazine enabling dissemination of the mass standard into maximum 3 mass standards. Intermediate magazine enables storing mass standards near the mass comparator weighing pan, which significantly reduces the calibration time.

Each RMC robotic mass comparator is equipped with top-class thermo-hygro-barometers allowing to test ambient conditions in real time and in different points (e.g. in weighing chamber, mass standard magazine, etc.). The characteristic feature of the device is high repeatability of pressure (0.001 hPa), humidity (0.01%), and temperature (0.001 °C).

Insert design of the mass standard magazine allows measurement of weight of very small mass with high accuracy and prevents mass standard jamming. The device enables comparison of mass standards of various shapes using just one universal insert.