Shahd Kala Kar company, with exclusive sales and after-sales service of Polish Radwag and German LoviBond companies and sales representative of Jisico company and the support of more than 4 decades of experience, and with its expert staff, in the field of equipping industrial quality control laboratories various, water and sewage centers, environment, health network, food and beverage factories, industrial estates, power plants and treatment plants, research centers and universities of the country, their readiness to supply the products of the mentioned companies and to meet the laboratory needs in the field of devices , glass, laboratory equipment and chemical materials, and in this regard,It always tries to maintain the characteristic of “customer-oriented” with the immediate and up-to-date delivery of the company’s products and related services (especially the various models of Radwag scales). It fulfills the possible time and by providing suitable services with minimum cost, it is a seal of approval on our claim in the field of providing warranty and after-sales services of the sold goods.

.Hoping to respond to your trust in this company with appropriate services